What is a Blog and how to start Blogging?

What is a Blog and how to start Blogging?

What is a Blog: If you have come to this post, then surely you will have an interest in Blogging or you have heard the name of Blogging? In this post, we will know in detail what is a blog and how to do blogging?

We will also know who is Blogger and what is required to make a blog. We will also tell you how you can earn money by creating a blog.

Along with knowing what a blog is, it is also important for you to know how to start blogging and earn money by creating a blog website. The mistake of many people is that they do not pay attention to the basics, as a result of which they do not get the proper results of their hard work.

But in this post you will know all the basics about Blogging in detail. So let’s know everything related to Blog and Blogging.

What is a blog?

What is a blog: Blog is a website available on the Internet which is often updated with new information. That is, a blog is a Web Log on which it is kept fresh and alive by continuously adding content.

Whenever a person searches for any information on the Internet’s Search Engine, then the Search Engine presents a link to many blogs.

Which means that any information you get from search on Google or other search engine is written by a blogger in his blog, which Search Engines reaches you.

For example, you did a search in Google that “What is a Blog” and you came to this blog where you will now get complete information about Blog, Blogging, and Blogger.

Let us now know in detail what is the difference between Blog and Website?

What is the difference between a Blog and a website?

Often people do not understand the difference between a blog and a website and get confused. The only difference between a blog and a website is that once a website is created, it is not updated with new information for several months or years, whereas a blog is often updated with new information.

Like for example, you are reading this information on the blog right now, every day any new and complete information comes on this blog.

But you must know such a website, on which there is no need to continuously have content. Such websites are used by various companies to sell their service or many other websites like YouTube Video Downloader websites.

What is blogging?

By now you have come to know who is called a blog and what is the difference between a blog and a website. Now I will tell you what is Blogging?

So, to create a website like friends, it is called Website Development, in the same way the process of updating information on a blog is called Blogging. Information on the blog can be given in many ways such as text, image or video.

There are many famous platforms for creating blogs such as WordPress and Blogger.com which is a product of Google itself. Let us know that Aryasiddhant.com is doing it on the Blogger Platform.

In blogging, you have to write on a subject about which you are expert or you know everything very well about that topic. It is also called article writing and it is the most important part of Blogging. If your visitors come to read your blog, there is only a simple reason for your content writing and how you can explain it to your readers through your post.

After writing content, the important thing that happens in Blogging is SEO. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, you tell Google like Search Engine in many ways that your content is based on which topic and which keyword will be searched by someone and will come to your blog.

It is also important to do SEO so that visitors can come to your blog. Because without visitors you cannot earn any money by writing a blog. So now we will know who is a blogger?

Who is a blogger?

Who is a blogger: Friends, you have known what are blogs and blogging, so now you need to know who are bloggers. So simply, bloggers are people who continuously publish information on a website/blog.

As such, I am constantly putting information on Aryasiddhant.com. So me or others like me are called Blogger.

Blogging is not as easy as it is told. This work is a mixture of Passion and hard work. If you do not have a Passion about Blogging, then you can never succeed in Professional Blogging.

For Blogger, his patience is more important than Passion. Those who are Professional Bloggers have such patience that even if they do not earn money for months or years from their Professional Blogging, they still do not leave their Passion.

You have learned that who are Bloggers, now moving forward, we will tell you what are the types of Bloggers. And what is the difference between them mainly.

There are three types of bloggers, which include Professional Blogger, Personal Blogger, and Event Blogger. Let us know in detail the main differences between them.

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Professional Blogger

Professional bloggers are bloggers who continuously do blogging and also earn money from blogging. Professional bloggers never depend on one blog, they can also have many blogs through which these people earn a lot of money. Blogging is a professional blogger’s career.

There are also many bloggers who do not have many blogs but there can be ways to earn a lot of money in their same blog. We will discuss various ways to earn money from a blog further.

Personal Blogger

Personal Blogger are people who do blogging for a mere hundred. Blogging is a hobby of personal bloggers. Many times he has a great anecdote or story for the world that he wants to share with the world.

In order to reach their story to others, these people resort to personal blogging, which is a great way to reach the world. Most Personal Bloggers do not make money from their blogs. Because often his personal blog is like his daily diary entry which he does not want to monetize.

Event Blogger

Event Bloggers are Bloggers who blogging on a particular occasion or event. An event can be anything like a festival or a workshop. It can be linked to the blogger’s personal life.

Event Blogger also generates a good income by blogging on time. They earn a lot of money by being active for a few days. In such a short time, so many visitors come to his blog from whom he earns thousands of Dollars every day.

Conclusion – What is a Blog?

So this was the Post all about What is a Blog who is a Blogger and what is Blogging we have also learned the difference between a Blog and a Website which was not so difficult to understand. If you want to know more about Blogging you can Visit my another website that is hindime.net

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