Top Three Skills to learn in 2020

Top Three Skills to learn in 2020

Top Three Skills to learn in 2020: Do you want to achieve some big goals or earn a lot of money or be a successful Person? I know your answer will be a Big YES for all the Questions mentioned above. But what will it take you to be a Real successful person? Well, here are the top Three Skills to learn in 2020 for you to be Rich and Successful in 2020. Select some of these skills and master in that Skill. You can also learn all of these because Knowledge doesn’t go waste at all. So let’s get started and have a look at all those skills you should learn in 2020.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can make you thousands of dollars per month or even per week. As You Already know, 2020 is all about being Digital and everyone is going online nowadays. So if Public is Gathering over the Internet, Obviously it Creates a Great Opportunity for Businesses to advertise their product and Services Online. And not everyone can advertise digitally because of lacking Knowledge.

After Learning Digital Marketing Skills, You will be able to help those small businesses advertise their products and services over the internet through some Famous Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok and So on. And for that, you could charge a decent amount of money from the business owners.

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

There are several Platforms that can help you learn any skills you want so you can also learn Digital Marketing from Youtube or some Famous Blogs in the Niche. You can Follow some of the Market Leaders of Digital Marketing like Deepak Kanakraju (Founder of PixelTrack and You can find some others over the internet.

There are Various Blogs or Youtube Channels wh are helping new Learners for Free. You Don’t Need to pay a Single Rupees for the same until you know the Basics and Basics are Available for Free everywhere. Just go ahead, Learn Basics, Practice Yourself and Squeeze most of it. Keep in mind that there are so many fake Digital Marketers who are Branding themselves just to Sell their rubbish Courses that not even worth Buying.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is also holding a lot of Potential as brands are aware that most of their customers are already on social media and that’s why they want to target their audience over Social Media. But its really tough for them to Create Contents for their Social Media Pages and Distribute them on their Different Social Media Accounts.

Hence you should consider this in three skills to learn in 2020 because you have the Opportunity to Grab those Business Persons and Provide your Social Media Marketing Services to them and can help them Grow their Online Platforms by using Different Social Media Platforms.

How to learn Social Media Marketing?

If you are interested in learning anything you will always find the way t learn those skills or Knowledge. As I already told you that you don’t need to spend a Single rupees on any paid courses. Always start with the free resources available on the Internet.

You can learn A to Z basics of Social Media Marketing from YouTube or Google. Another way is to Observe the Other Social Media Pages and Look at their Posts and Ad Copies that how they are Promoting their Products on Social Media.

Most of the Time You will be Able to Crack the Heck of Social Media Marketing Skill from the Brands in your Niche itself. As you might already have noticed that Brands are using different ways to Connect with their Customers and Clients and Memes are one of the way to Promote any Product as memes are more attractive and Peoples love to share Memes.

And obviously you can use it too to Promote your Product and services.

Investing is also one of the Top Three skills to learn in 2020

Investing is such a Great Skill which can make you a Huge Money or help you to Multiply your Wealth exponentially. Investing is such a Skill which let you know the Power of Compounding. By learning this skill you will be able to figure it out that which Company or Asset you should Invest in.

Do You know that you can Invest some Percentage of Your monthly income which can make you a end Corpus of Crores? But there is a Market risk Involved in Investing.

We need a Proper Market Investing Knowledge to know which company or Asset worth investing. You can Invest in Market by different ways and some of them are Follows:

  1. Stock Market (Higher Risk and Higher Return)
  2. Mutual Fund (Moderate Risk Moderate Return)
  3. Fixed Deposit (Low-Risk Fixed Return)
  4. Commodity (Precious Metals like Gold)
  5. Real estate (Apartment Buy Sell or Rental)
  6. Government Bonds (Safest Investment)
  7. Public Provident Funds (PPF)
  8. National Pension System (Retirement Focused)

Now lets turn and have a look at the Options available to learn Investing.

How to Learn Investing?

Just like any other Skills I will suggest you to go for Free Resources Before you decide to Buy any Paid courses. Once you are Good with Free resources, You can think to Invest on Yourself to Learn More Deeper of Investing.

But I think Free resources are pretty good to make you a Investor and then after Learning the basics you might Experiment with market and Companies to know what works better for your Hard Earned Money. Here are Some Resources you can Go with to Learn Investing:

These are the Free Resources you can take in charge to learn with.

Copywriting is one of the best skill to Learn

Its may sound that ‘Copywriting’ mean to copy someone else’ written Text or Content. But its not copying anything. so Precisely, What is Copywriting? Let’s Know more about it.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the Occupation of Writing Advertisements or any other Marketing Copies like Tagline or Ad Copies. This is the Skill which teaches you to write the words to sell or Persuade any Individual to take an Action it could be Selling a Product or Influencing them to Give you their Personal details like Email, Name, or Address, etc.

Why should you learn Copywriting?

There can be so many reasons to learn Copywriting as it can earn you a lot of money but at the same time you must be Creative and able to think out of the boxes and write a great copy that can actually sell the Product.

I love this Profession because this is something in which you get paid for your Value, for your words, for your Creativity and the Courage to think something from nowhere and your words which could make someone buy a Particular Product or take any Particular action.

How to learn Copywriting?

Copywriting is all about Persuading the People to Purchase the Product or Influence anyone to take any action. You can be a Good Copywriter by just observing the ad copies of popular Brands.

You can Follow some great brands whose adverting Copies are really great and able to sell their products on the go. I think you must remember the rhyming ad copy of Nirma and Ghari Detergent Powder i.e. Pehle Istemal Karen Phir Vishwash kare.

There are many Good Content creators on Youtube who are creating really great Content of copywriting. You can also Purchase some of Books Particularly written for Copywriting. Cashvertising is one of those Books.


To conclude this whole article, I have mentioned Top Three Skills to learn in 2020. Also, I have mentioned the way you can try to learn these skills. I have showed you all the Benefits of learning these Skills and the estimation of per month earning you could make by these Skills.

Now it’s your turn to take the step and learn these skills and boost your earning and earn extra pennies from your current Job. By learning these Skills you can also try finding some really good Jobs or Freelance Projects to make you Money. That’s all for now see you in Next Post. Take Care.