How to be Safe on the Internet in 2020

How to be Safe on the Internet in 2020: In 2020, Everything is Becoming Online and for a Revolutionary change we all are shifting our Business or work online. And that is Good for our Future that we are adopting it Earlier. But at the same time, being safe over the Internet is more Important than just Being online Geeks.

You might think that why it’s Important to be Safe on the Internet? How can someone threaten me Online? What Losses we could Make for Ourselves over Internet?

There are so many questions that head over in our mind and in this post, we are going to Discuss Everything in Simpler words so anyone can understand it and apply it to be safer in Growing Digital World. So let’s get started and know what are the ways you can be aware of to be safe on the web?

But Before that You must Know why should you be safe on Internet? And for that I already have Written a Post Go and Check that out.

Use VPN to be safe in the Internet

Using a VPN is an Ideal and safest way to hide your online identity over the Internet. VPN helps you to be Safe on the Internet as it hides your IP Address and stops some spying websites to let them know that you have visited their website.

So basically, VPN hides your presence over different websites by using different IP addresses. Your IP Address becomes masked by using IPs of another Country. You have various choices to make whether you want an Indian IP address or from the USA or UK or anywhere on the Globe.

You can use Free VPNs but the flaw is Free VPN will give your Details to the Government if they’ll need that information so if you are obsessed with your Identity, you must go for Paid VPNs that are much faster and Securer than any Free VPN.

Don’t share Username and Password with anyone

Sharing Username and Password with anyone can be harmful for you and you may already know that but just for a Reminder, never ever share your Any Account Credentials with anyone not even with your Bestfriend or Brother or sister. Say NO to everyone. Avoid sharing Passwords with anyone.

By sharing Username and Passwords, You are giving them full access over your account and after that, they can change everything whatever they want to and can spoil your Identity. So make sure you don’t share Passwords with anyone.

Don’t share Personal Information on Social Media

Sharing your Personal Information on Social Media can be harmful for your Security Reasons. Stalker might keep eye on you to know your Every details and schedule.

Last year I watched a South Indian Movie in which Villain finds out the Lead actor and actress by looking into a post of a random Girl who were shared her selfie on Social Media.

It is Fictional and movie story but can happen in real life too because you might usually heard about Data Breaches by different Companies. Recently, GoDaddy, the Largest Domain Registrar, confirms the Data breach of Hosting account username and Password have been compromised of 19 Million Users.

This is recent and real-life example you can relate to. Therefore you must be aware of activities you perform on you Social Media Accounts. Don’t post Travel events on social media before you reach the destination.

Don’t click on Suspicious Links on the web

Suspicious Links means the link which can redirect you to Various annoying and irrelevant sites that you haven’t expected for. Must check the Link Before clicking on it.

To check the link whether it is Malicious or secure, Just hover over the Link anchor text and see the URL at the bottom left of your browser window. See whether the site starts from https or Http. Most Probably, https sites are secure and can’t harm your Device. But that is not always true.

Some sites with https secure connection can steal your data too. So you must use your common sense and if that Site redirects you to various websites, Close that tab and start over your Work but make sure you don’t click on that link ever again.

Don’t open spam or promotion Emails

Spam folder is to segregate emails which SMTP servers thinks malicious or adware. So this is for your Privacy Protection don’t open or click any link on such emails.

If you are using Gmail, Google is so smart to filter between spam or Safe. And that’s why I always use Gmail even for my Business emails too. I love the security and Privacy Protection of Google. After all, they are one of the biggest tech company of Planet.

If you ever find any Business emails in your Spam Box, Please delete that email without Reading. That is the safest way to secure yourself from being Hacked or Spied.

Don’t Use Modded apps

Modded apps are Modified Version of any Original Application on Play store. You must not use any application from any source other than Google Play Store.

Google Play store has the Latest Feature of Scanning Apps available on Google Play, called Play Protect. With this tool, Play Protect scans all the available apps on its Platform for Malicious codes and Malwares.

You must only use Applications from Play store because Modded apps may contains Malicious codes or Spyware which can let hackers access your Device without even your Permission.

Modded apps can be the best trap for you to be hacked or Spied because mostly they offers some premium Features to you for free though the Mod apps. Why they will do that without their Own Benefits? Your data is their need and that’s why they trap you through Mod apps.

Always connect with Known Person only

Social media have a huge Database of Persons who you don’t even Know. But what if you get in Touch with someone who is Hungry for your Data? They might Connect you through Social media, Gradually they become your Friend and then May steal your Informations.

So this is Highly Recommended that you must not get in Connection with anyone who you Don’t know personally in Real life. Because the person who you are connected in real life, won’t harm you in anyway.

If they does, you have their proper identity and you better know them so you can file an FIR against those People and at the end you and your Data is secure by your Own trust and Faithful Peoples


You must be aware of your Online Security as most of the Hackers are surfing Internet just to steal your Identity or Data. Don’t let them do that be safe and Don’t get trapped for Free accounts or Premium Features for Free.

They will always try to convience you in many way and its your duty and safety that you won’t get Convienced with such Traps. Kudos! Always use Apps from Play Store and also don’t Use Modded application.

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