2 Best Ways Earn Money in Your College

2 Best Ways Earn Money in Your College

There are several ways to make money online while you are in college or you are in Job. But which one or two of these ways are a good fit for You? Here I have Mentioned all the ways you can use to earn Money in Your College. If you are in Job you can also do it as a side hustle to earn extra income from your Skills or Passion.

All the methods of making Money online mentioned here are totally based on Practical world Examples. I’ll only share those ways to earn money in your College which are efficient and good to start with as a Beginner.

So let’s get into those ways of Making Money Online and Find out the best suit for You. I recommend you that Give yourself a few days and Observe yourself to find out your Field of Interest. Are you Ready? Great! Let’s Start Exploring.

Blogging can be a Good way to Start making Money Online

Blogging, at the very first, I say yes to it because it has a lot of potentials to make you Thousand of Dollars which can turn into your Business and Obviously your Full-Time Career but as we are heading over to the ways to make money in college days, I’ll not go so deeper that can make you a Full-time Blogger but yes, you can earn a pretty good amount of money on the go.

Since there are a lot of ways to Generate dollar from a blog, you can choose one, two or as much as you can depending on your Blog niche. If you don’t know how to find the best niche for you, I already have written the article. Go and read that post after reading this one.

Ways to make money from your Blog

So what are the ways you can use to Generate dollars from your Blog? Well there are so many ways you can implement to make your Blog Profitable. So let’s get over all the ways and find the best way suits your Blog Niche and also we’ll head over the Combination of ways to create Multiple Income Source from a Single Blog.

These are the top ways to Make Money from your Blog:

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the most Efficient and Easy way to use on any reliable Blog to Generate Income from your Blog. Personally I, along with the top Bloggers, love Google Adsense to make my Blog earn dollars for me. There are so many reasons why I love Google Adsense and Adsense is an ad network by Google. So it’s most trustworthy and reliable to use for making Dollars.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is also a good way to Generate Income, all you need is to make a Sell for any Product by any Company and in return, you will get some Percentage as Commission. But Affiliate marketing is not that good for you if you are not that good in writing such a post that could make a Sell because Selling is all needed to earn.
  3. Service Selling Through your Blog: You may good at writing so you can Provide Article writing services through your Blog. There are companies that are searching for a good writer and can pay a pretty good amount. You may be good at Web Designing and you call to sell this service too. There is no limit of sell your Service on Your Blog. It’stotally yours and you can use It in the way you want to. Look forward to your Passion and find the most effective way you can use to Make your Blog Profitable by Selling your talent as services.
  4. Courses and e-Books selling: If you are good at something and you can teach those skills to someone, what could be better than selling your own Courses and e-Books? Go ahead and Create a never limiting Course or e-Book or both and sell them through your blog. The Most Interesting thing about selling an online course is, it can be sold even after years when it created. You can create a Course now and it can Generate your money even after 5 or 10 Years later.
  5. Advertise your Local Businesses to help them Grow: You can advertise your Local Businesses according to your niche and help them generate more sells and in Return you can charge them Thousands. They can reach thousands of unique customers and you will get your money.

So these were the Ways you can make money through your blog while you are in College. Now let’s move to the Next way to Earn Money in your College.

Dropshipping is also a good way to earn money in your college

Dropshipping is actually the ways to create your Online store without having any Inventory or shop. You can Create your online Store on Shopify and pick your Product and sell them in any country around the world.

Dropshipping means you take an order from your Customers and send it to the seller or merchandise like Aliexpress or any other you want to do. The reason I have put this into my list because its easy to manage and very less time consuming. So you can easily manage things with your Studies and that’swhy you are good to go with Dropshipping.

You can Learn Dropshipping from YouTube or Oberlo as they are offering their paid course for free now due to COVID-19 Pandemic. so You can Enroll in their Course and you are good to go.

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